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 Feature Highlights and Edition Comparison

 GrandBackup is sold in three separate editions, which are compared in the table below.





   Feature / Product Edition


GrandBackup Business

GrandBackup Ultimate

   Interface Explorer-style user inteface

  Easy and intuitive Backup Task setup Wizard

  Backup Task Grouping

  Audial and visual event alerts (tray balloon hints)

  Multi-threaded background processing

  Customization of Logged events

  Possibility of interface language selection

   Supported destination media

  Hard disks, flash drives, etc.


  Support for all LANs

  FTP locations

  Email address


  File and folder synchronization

  Multiple source folders support

  Optional preservation of older file versions, and obsolete files in   special archive folders

  Universal Naming Convention (UNC) support

  Disk Spanning - span your backup copy across multiple removable   disks

  Comprehensive file and folder filtering

  Password protection of Tasks

  Power Management Options

  Email notifications of most Task events

   Autorun and Schedule

  SmartDetect - Run Tasks when specific media are detected

  Autorun Task on folder contents change

  Automatic scheduled backups with comprehensive scheduling   options

  Integration with Microsoft(r) Task Scheduler

  Running Tasks with Hot Keys


  Command-line program execution and control

  Using folder name expansion variables

  Windows hardware profile support

  "One Task at a time" option to protect your system from overload

  Run programs before and/or after running the backup Tasks

   Data compression and encryption

  Built-in ZIP compression (with password protection)

  Data encryption, up to 256-bit strong

  External compressors support (PkZIP, RAR, etc.)

  External encryption tools support

   Deleted Data Recovery
  Integrated Digital ObjectRescue Professional  



GrandBackup Personal

GrandBackup Business

GrandBackup Ultimate


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Unsure of which edition is best for you? Write to us – we’ll be happy to help you make the right choice. 

* We offer hefty discounts, 20% to 50%, on orders of multiple licenses, depending on the quantity. See the ordering web page for details.


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