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Looking for a fast and straightforward solution to the tedious task of regularly backing up all those important files? You will find all that you need in GrandBackup Personal Edition, which is intended for personal use in a home or small office. True, it does not have the options to use encryption or fancy new compressors. But all that you really need is there: copying to any media, ZIP archiving, a built-in scheduler, and more.
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You need to ensure uninterrupted performance of your company’s computers? You are looking for a simple and quick-to-deploy data backup solution for your business? GrandBackup Business Edition is ideal for office and corporate use. You will have all the options you may ever need, including strong encryption and custom compression, as well as plenty of other useful functionality.
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You already have everything to take good care of your precious data but you want more? GrandBackup Ultimate Edition is just the thing for you. Among its exciting features is the possibility to recover accidentally deleted files. And all those extra capabilities which aren’t there yet but which the users think it would be really nice to have, will be introduced in GrandBackup Ultimate first. In a nutshell, the Ultimate Solution!
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Unsure of which edition is best for you? Have a look at this table or write to us – we’ll be happy to help you make the right choice.

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* We offer hefty discounts, 20% to 50%, on orders of multiple licenses, depending on the quantity. See the ordering web page for details.


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